Fake News: kritikus gondolkodás foglalkozások Freshman évfolyamunkon

Egész tanéves, iskolát kiegészítő alternatív oktatási programunk Freshman, azaz 9. évfolyamán fő céljaink, hogy a diákok megismerkedjenek önmagukkal, lehetőségeikkel, valamint a mai világban fontos készségekkel és megtanuljanak önmagukra, munkájukra és környezetükre reflektálni.

Az interaktív workshopok során olyan 21. századi készségek fejlesztésével foglalkozunk mélyebben, mint a prezentáció, kritikus gondolkodás, tanulási stratégiák, vitázás, érveléstechnika, kommunikáció, értő olvasás, íráskészség vagy csapatmunka.

Diákjaink megtanulnak hatékonyan információkat értelmezni, tanulni, véleményt formálni, legfőképpen pedig több szemszögből vizsgálni a dolgokat és jó kérdéseket feltenni.

A kritikus gondolkodás fejlesztésére fókuszáló óráink egyikének témája a fake news, azaz az álhírek voltak. Ennek keretein belül a különböző  perspektívákkal, ezek médiában való megjelenésével és értelmezésével, illetve álhírek felismerésével foglalkoztunk.

Freshman diákjaink ezután azt a feladatot kapták, hogy saját maguk is gyártsanak egy-egy álhírt. Ez nem csak a diákok számára volt rendkívül szórakoztató, de a végeredményeket is megmosolyogtató olvasni –  ez úton is gratulálunk diákjainknak, olvasóinknak pedig jó szórakozást kívánunk. 🙂

Brexit being cancelled due to COVID crisis, UK confirms

UK and EU officials on Tuesday (14 January) cancelled all Brexit related talks due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

’In light of latest coronavirus news, we will officially stop conveying any more negotiation works of Brexit’ the UK government said in a statement, adding that the people have no longer interest in leaving the European Union.

The vote held on Wednesday resulted in 75% of the people having no longer interest in leaving the EU, therefore, all processes had been stopped.

Boris Johnson claimed due to the situation leaving the EU has developed not necessarily to Britain’s advantage. Even saying he didn’t prefer leaving the Union, he would have rather wanted Britain to stay and now his dream has come true.

This event will cause some further complications but the people are ready to face the challenges and work for the common good.


He created a virus just to track down people… Don’t let yourself be fooled. There is nowhere you are safe if you get the vaccine. 

Some people find out Bill Gates’ secret! They are protesting against the evilness of the Billionaires. 

In Alaska on march 12 in 2018 Bill Gates’ secret group of chemists started to create a virus. They finished on December 20 in 2019. And then they dropped it in China. Where else? China is the biggest competition of the USA. Bill Gates was completely controlling the virus. He knew where he needed to strike. After the Chinese attack he targeted Europe. 

But why is it good for him?

Bill Gates is a genius. Of course, he developed a cure for his own virus. Think about all the opportunities he has now! He can become even richer than he is right now or he can track down ANY person he wants by the microchips that came with his vaccine. 

Where did his plan go a bit wrong?

Bill Gates knew that other nations were going to rush for the vaccine but he never thought that it would be that fast. Within a year China, Russia and England already had vaccines. However,  are these vaccines really developed by these nations?  The answer is NO! Bill Gates sold the original vaccines for these nations! 

Man slays 10.000 emperor penguins 

After this incident, the species is now in grave danger.

An image of Dominik Carr, mid-massacre, captured by a bystander. 

A British man, named Dominik Carr, was camping in the Southern Hemisphere. 

On his second night, some penguins started destroying his shelter and ate all his food. Dominik – understandably angry – decided to go on a rampage. Fueled by revenge, he murdered all the penguins in his 100 km radius and ate their insides. 

“This happened on the 2nd day out of his month-long vacation,” said one of his campmates, Jude Wood. “He has a long history of anger issues, but in the months before going camping, he was doing just fine. I think he finally snapped.” 

This is not the first time Carr has committed violence against a large amount of animals. In 2018, he murdered the entire Alpaca population of the New York Zoo, after one of the animals spat on his face. 

After this incident, the Emperor Penguin has obtained a Critically Endangered status on the IUCN Red List. Decades of effort will be needed to restore the Emperor Penguins to a healthy and popular species.

Britney Spears is dead and her father lives instead of her

The new documentary movie was just released but fans got suspicious that Britney wasn’t actually Britney… 

We all know that the once giant pop star has been under her dad’s control for more than 10 years now according to her loyal fans, her father secretly replaced her a few months ago. 

Jamie Spears kept it a secret that her daughter got the coronavirus in May and died after a week of suffering. He didn’t plan a public funeral, just buried  the body and spread the ashes. (Probably in the back of his garden.) 

The paparazzi noticed that Britney had disappeared for a few months from the public eye in summer. 

This was the time when Jamie transformed into her daughter. ( With the help of tons of plastic surgeries. )

However, at the end of August she was caught by the paparazzi at a beach in L.A. Some mean articles discussed that she gained some weight but  no one suspected any other weird thing about her look. 

It was only after the documentary came out in February that people started to spread the word about Britney not being herself in the movie.

It didn’t take long after that, the fans put together the pieces of the truth.

Eating red vegetables is going to kill you.

British scientists said that eating red vegetables has a bad impact on your health. Research shows that red vegetables increase the number of red blood cells in your body.  

A woman in California got ill and collapsed. Her doctor said that it happened because of the red vegetable she had eaten all day. She couldn’t believe it and went to another doctor, who said the same. There were too many red blood cells in her body, and it made her collapse. She posted her case on social media and millions of people had similar stories and experiences. These stories made doctors study more about these vegetables. After the monitoring of them, they found out that the most dangerous red vegetable is tomato because it gives you the most amount of red blood cells and makes you feel sicker than eating apples. 

Doctors advised people to try not to eat 2 or 3 times more red vegetables and avoid eating red foods if possible.

Our culture is in pieces

Krisztina Tóth wanted to ban Jókai’s Aranyember from the list of required books and went too far.

Hate towards old books is not uncommon because the worldview of them is outdated and not many people agree with them anymore. However, they are still part of our culture. But some delusional social justice warriors feel personally offended by them.

Krisztina Tóth is one of them. The authoress recently stated her opinion in an interview that Aranyember and Bárány Boldizsár should be banned from the list of required readings because of the way women are pictured in the book.

Many people attacked her saying that she’s a feminazi idiot. And how did she answer these comments? Well…not in a polite way. Just like Dóra Dúró she got „carried away” and posted a video on her Facebook page of her shredding the books while saying „Meseország nem a nőgyűlölő elnyomóké!”.

This behavior should not be tolerated. Imagine people shredding books that they don’t like. Which book will be shredded next?

Trip to the moon

The Chinese man paid for NASA to take him on a moon trip.

A chinese man in 2022 will go on a space tour to see the moon nearly and personally. He paid almost 10 million dollars to Nasa that will put him on a spaceship, called Falcon 9, and push him into space.

Maezawa Juszak, a 45-year-old Chinese man, bought 9ticket to the next NASA attraction. He is the owner for a big fashion company Zozo, which is a big online cloth store. In an interview he said, “I’m looking for a partner for life, I want to shout from space to the world how much I love you” He also said that you can sign up through the full moon show.

“For as long as I’ve lived, I never knew there’s another way to take off your underwear”

Famous Swedish scientists discovered an ancient technique that is gonna make your life a whole lot easier.

Throughout millions of years since underwear existed, no one ever found out that you can actually take it off through your upper body not just through your legs.

Why? Or how did this idea even come up? Birger Eriksson, a Swedish scientist once was changing his clothes, and then the idea came: “Wouldn’t it be easier if we could take off our panties a different, more efficient way?”

In the study, we can read about how scientists have been experimenting with this technique for over 2 years, and now, finally, it’s practiced to perfection.

Many famous people tried out this new technique already, people like The Rock, Kylie Jenner, and Gazsi. To quote them: 

“Revolutionary” “Amazing” “Breathtaking”

people are struggling without this technique

And you shall have a proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWCSQm86UB4&feature=youtu.be

Even you can try out this new astonishing technique, here. It’s shown by step by step, how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V0eTsiApxU

BREAKING NEWS: China may plan to attack America

Article by Daniel Simak, Kornel Gyurkovics, ENN

Due to China’s newly expanded navy fleet, they may prepare to attack the US since they have a bigger chance of victory.

picture of the new navy fleet of China

China was already in the midst of a shipbuilding spree like few the world has ever seen. In 2015, Xi Jinping – president of China – undertook a sweeping project to turn the PLA into a world-class fighting force, the peer of the United States military. He had ordered investments in shipyards and technology that continue at pace today.

China and the US have been racing for a long time in this matter, but China has had enough and they are now planning to stop this “cold war” once and for all by commencing attack on the US fleet.

„The big advantage the Chinese navy holds over the US Navy is in patrol and coastal combatants, or corvettes and below.” – as stated by Nick Childs, a defense analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Will Smith got lost in a haunted house two days ago with his friend, Jay Z

Ever since they went there, nobody heard about them.  The paparazzi saw them entering the house, but they haven’t come out. 

Two hours ago they called the police, and they found blood. Next to the blood they found a wolf fang and a text on the wall made out of blood. It saied “Go to the park at midnight and bring 1000000 dollar”. 

Five hours later they went to the park and they found two dead bodies in the middle of the Central Park. They were shocked, they saw the wolf’s footprints and a few moments later the wolf came out of a bush and killed them. They know this, because they were taking photographs of the crime scene.

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