We’re hiring: Study Abroad Counselor and Mentor

A great opportunity to join our growing team at Engame Academy, an educational organisation helping young people find their purpose and prepare them to excel in their life and career.

We are looking for freelancer, contracted counselors / mentors to work alongside our Study Abroad Director.

About us

Based in Budapest, Engame Academy is a four year, extra-curricular talent care program for high school students (14-18), entirely taught in English. We focus on critical thinking and interdisciplinary problem- and project-based learning. More than 100 of our Senior students apply and enroll at universities globally each year.

About the role


We are looking for freelancer, contracted counselors / mentors to work alongside our Study Abroad Director.

Senior-year counseling and mentoring is part of Engame Academy’s academic program for its Senior-year (final year of high school) students, to offer personalized guidance in their university application process.

Currently, our students may choose two of the following countries to focus on for their higher education applications (ranked by popularity): The Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, France, Canada, Finland, Norway and Japan. The list of countries may be subject to change.

Students and mentors have personal access to BridgeU, a dedicated university guidance platform to aid the counseling and mentoring work and the application process.

Counseling takes place in the summer over two to three meetings, with the aim of guiding students in selecting two target counties and a long-list of target universities/courses.

Mentoring consists of three phases and typically starts in September, except for Early Deadline applications for which mentoring starts in July. The first phase is locking in final choices from a selection of universities and courses to include reach, match and safety goals. The second phase focuses on application: supporting the student in preparing materials, essays and CVs and submitting applications to selected programs. The third, post-application phase is to address practicalities, questions and concerns before the student travels abroad.

Key Responsibilities

  • Support the mentee in their university application process, with special focus on orientation, university and course selection, assisting in compiling application documentation, essays, CVs etc., guiding them through the application submission process by a set deadline, and answering post-application queries.
  • Hold regular one-on-one meetings with mentee online or offline, and provide email support to questions emerging between meetings.
  • Facilitate shared learning sessions for students on motivation letter / personal statement writing (1-3 times a year, proportional to the number of mentees); additionally, attend one mentor training and mentor group meetings (up to 3 times a year). 
  • Provide support, guidance, and space for self-reflection and offer feedback to the mentee on their work and progress.
  • Adhere to Engame’s guidelines for Senior mentoring, and ensure to utilize tools, resources, and all other available forms of support from Engame.
  • Keep mentoring updated in real time and provide updates about the mentee’s progress to Engame.
  • Reports to the Study Abroad Director.

What would be appreciated, but is not required?

In addition to a remuneration package per student mentored, we offer:

  • A vibrant, multinational community and a bright, motivated student body
  • Support from and knowledge exchange with the Study Abroad Director and your fellow counselors/mentors
    Mentor training
  • Access to BridgeU and a variety of other tools, resources and knowhow
  • Flexibility to guide students through only the counseling or the mentoring process or opt to follow some of them through both processes
  • Flexible working hours as a freelancer. Our students are mostly available in the afternoons (GMT+1) and the weekends. You arrange your one-on-one meetings to suit their schedule as well as your own
  • Remote work is an option

Your skills and qualifications

  • Native or fluent English skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • At least 2 years’ experience in university/career counseling or mentoring/coaching or teaching
    Academic/personal essay writing skills (training and information is available)
  • Knowledge of the education/application system or study abroad experience in one or more of our target countries (training and information is available)
  • Reliable, proactive self-starter
  • Being able to issue an invoice or in possession of an EU tax number or holding a residence permit in Hungary
  • Bachelor degree or higher. All disciplines welcome
  • Active membership in a professional body is a plus (eg IACAC, NACAC, HECA, IECA, etc).

Child protection

Engame Academy is dedicated to child protection safety. Successful applicants will be asked to present a police check certificate of good conduct not older than 3 months, and provide at least one professional reference. We may refuse employment to anyone we believe to be unsuitable to work with minors.

Ready to join the team?

Application process:

To apply, please fill in this application form and the subsequent survey we send you by email. You will be required to upload your professional CV, too. Application deadline: 7 May, 2024

Next steps: 

8 May 10AM – 11AM CET Online Meeting

All applicants will be invited to a shared online meeting where we discuss the positions and answer any questions. Right after this meeting, we invite participants to fill in an 80-minute individual assessment. 

8 May 11AM – 12:20PM CET Online Individual Assessment

The assessment will require you to use your university guidance skills and experiences in different scenarios.

14th and the 17th of May CET Online individual interviews

Shortlisted applicants will be then invited to an individual interview.

Participants from other time zones should let us know if we need to accommodate their assessment.

We’re not reqruiting actively. What to do if you’re interested:

1. Fill in our application form and upload your CV.

2. We’ll save your application and let you know when there’s an opening.


Please note that this position is subject to a background check and for Hungarian citizens, a certificate of good conduct will be required.