Summer Internships in Hungary – Interview with Mátyás Szegi

A big number of our alumni students spend their summer break in Hungary and look for job opportunities that are related to their studies to gain work experience and enhance their chances of finding a good working position after graduation. Mátyás Szegi, an Engame alumnus is one of them.

Matyi is a proactive student and young entrepreneur from a village of 900 located on the coast of lake Balaton. Currently VP at Manchester Entrepreneurs, Investment Intern at Day One Capital and Director at HireME, studying Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Alliance Manchester Business School. He also teaches his 11-year-old brother programming by co-creating a hyper-simple game called Fly- Tekken.

Read our interview with Matyi to find out why it is useful to complete an internship during your university studies and why it is a good way of spending your summer break.

Where do you spend your summer internship and what kind of tasks and duties do you have there?

SZM: I’m an investment intern at Day One Capital, an early-stage technology investor. My internship lasts from June to September, so I make good use of my summer break. My job is very colourful and challenging, I have various duties thus multiple opportunities to learn and improve. As part of my internship I get an insight into the everyday workings of a classical venture capital firm; what I do consists of market research, business plan analysis and many others which then I discuss with the directorate.

How is your internship related to your university studies and extracurricular activities?

SZM: I study Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at university, thus what I do as part of my internship perfectly matches my studies – both in terms of early-stage investment and innovation as well as strategic and long-term plan analysis. In addition, it is a great fit to the extracurricular activities I do in Manchester. With Manchester Entrepreneurs – which I’m the vice president of – we also deal with acceleration programmes and organise networking events of which the importance is significant in this field. We also nurture good connections with a venture capital firm called Campus Capital. All this having been said, what I study and do at university and besides that are greatly related to what I am doing now as an intern at Day One.

How did the application process look like?

SZM: Essentially mine was an advertised position, which I got as a result of a long application process. It consisted of interviews and real life tasks (ie. tasks that I would do as part of my job), which I enjoyed a great deal and learned a lot from at the same time.

How satisfied are you with your internship as regards to your future career and personal improvement?

SZM: As part of my internship, I’m dealing with what I want to do in the future, that is, entrepreneurship and early-stage investment. Thus, this job consists of activities that are most relevant to what I want to deal with in the future, which I’m really happy about. I’m constantly encountering new solutions and I get to learn about different industries, in short I broaden my knowledge every day. I’m regularly challenged in a good way, which allows me to improve a lot both personally and career-wise. Also, I can extend my networks and discover new interests, which contributes to me becoming a more open-minded and self-conscious person from day to day.

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