We’re hiring: Part-time Teacher

A great opportunity to join our growing team of teachers at Engame Academy, an educational organisation helping young people find their purpose and prepare them to excel in their life and career.

We’ll support you to work in our student-centred, growth-oriented pedagogical framework by offering training, guidance and supervision, and enjoy the professional community of our teaching staff to share experience and grow together as a practitioner community.

Who are we?

Our mission is to help high school students find their place in the world and guide them towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Since 2010, our educational program is dedicated to helping students discover their own path by equipping them with key 21st century skills, capabilities and perspectives.

What will you be doing?


This is a part-time teaching job, primarily teaching Freshman and Sophomore students, starting on the 6 November. We are looking for teachers with 15-30 hours/week availability, depending on the ideal candidate. Teachers will be asked to indicate their availability.

We are also looking to widen our freelancer teacher pool as well. Should you be interested in freelancing in the future, please apply and indicate this, as well as your weekly availability on the application form.

If you have:

  • a love for teaching and supporting high-school students in an educational context
  • experience in teaching (in) English
  • experience in – and a creative, flexible approach to – curriculum and course content development
  • the desire to work for an organization that enables young people to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams…

…apply to be a Part-Time Teacher at Engame Academy!

How do we work and how is your work valued?

  • We currently work in a mixed home-office and in-person system. Most of our colleagues spend about 50% of their time at home and 50% in our welcoming office at Maros utca 12.
  • Working hours are flexible and partial home office was already a thing before the pandemic at Engame Academy. At the same time, it’s important to note that, as most of our students are high-school students, they can only attend our program in the afternoons and on Saturdays. As a result, most of the teaching team’s contact hours are: weekdays between 3pm and 7pm and Saturdays between 10am to 5pm.
  • We use Lenovo Thinkpad X series business category laptops and our office has a strong wifi network and all the things we need to work efficiently.
  • We believe in transparency, so we have a fully transparent salary system, where everybody knows how much the others make. Salaries are set based on the experience of the employee and his/her responsibilities that come with the position.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create and deliver weekly workshops* and one-time workshops** focusing on language skills and soft skills development for students
  • Create and deliver multidisciplinary workshops for other parts of the academic program
  • Participate in the Academy’s mentorship program as a mentor for high-school students
  • Participate in some non-teaching activities; for example our traditional staple Summer Camp, community events, thematic days, webinars, parent info sessions, etc.
  • Be an ambassador of our program and take part in the marketing, promotion and recruitment activities of the Academy
  • Be available for Saturday teaching

*Weekly workshops are 90-minute sessions that explore different fields of study while developing key 21st-century skills and other soft/language skills, including presentation skills, critical thinking, learning strategies, debating and argumentation, reading comprehension, academic writing, team work, etc. The workshops also aim to help students map out and expand their academic opportunities based on their interests.

**One-time workshops are a series of one to four 90-minute sessions focusing specifically on building one of the following skill groups: writing and argumentation, presentation and debate, orientation, self-knowledge and mental health.

Requirements for the position

  • Full proficiency in English (as our working language is English)
  • Bachelor degree
  • 2+ years of experience working with 13-18 year-olds in an educational context (e.g., teaching, content development, volunteer work with youth)
  • Experience in teaching soft skills (critical thinking, team work, problem-solving, public speaking, academic writing) to high-school ages
  • Experience with non-traditional teaching methodology, such as cooperative learning, drama pedagogy, theme-based learning, project-based learning, etc.
  • Strong teamwork and effective communication skills
  • Great problem-solving skills with a self-starter mindset
  • Proactivity and a systematic approach to tasks

What would be appreciated, but is not required?

  • International work or study experience
  • Experience in teaching educational programs for high-school students

Ready to join the team?

Application process:

1. Send in the application form as soon as possible.

2. Participate in an online interview upon invitation, on a rolling basis until 4 October.

3. Join us at an Assessment Centre with a few individual and group tasks on 7 or 9 October.


Please note that this position is subject to a background check and for Hungarian citizens, a certificate of good conduct will be required.