Looking for: academic Mentor

A great opportunity to join our growing team of freelancers at Engame Academy, an educational organisation helping young people find their purpose and prepare them to excel in their life and career.

We’ll support you to work in our student-centred, growth-oriented pedagogical framework by offering training, guidance and supervision, and connect you to other mentors working in the programme to share experience and grow together as a practitioner community.

Who are we?

Our mission is to help high school students find their place in the world and guide them towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Since 2010, our educational program is dedicated to helping students discover their own path by equipping them with key 21st century skills, capabilities and perspectives.

What will you be doing?


Academic mentoring is part of Engame Academy’s academic program for its Junior-year (11th grade of high school) students, to offer personalised support for their development throughout the academic year.

Academic mentoring focuses on supporting the main learning outcomes for the year, which is for students to make tangible progress in terms of their study orientation (finding their interest field) and profile building (adding academic and extracurricular activities to their CV for their university application). To ensure students make the most of the program for their development in these two areas, mentoring also provides guidance and advice in making decisions related to module selection and attending activities at Engame.

Key Responsibilities

Provide personalised guidance and support for Junior students, focusing on their orientation and profile building, using a person-centred, growth-oriented approach

Hold meetings with mentees on a regular, one on one basis (eight occasions in an academic year, online or offline), and attend mentor group meetings (three times a year, also provided in both modes)

Adhere to Engame’s guidelines for Academic mentoring, utilising resources and other available forms of support from Engame

Keep mentoring records up to date and provide updates about the mentee’s progress to Engame

Help the mentee develop a habit of setting tangible, action-oriented goals and support the development of a sense of autonomy, self-motivation, and self-awareness.

Mentoring Payment

This is a fixed-term temporary assignment. Payment for Academic mentoring is (per student per academic year – for the school year 2023/24) by one of the following options:

72,000 HUF + VAT

in case you can issue an invoice


Gross 64,000 HUF

in case of commission agreement (megbízási szerződés), minus payroll costs, HUF 3,900 per payment.

Fees are under currently under review for the 2024/25 academic year. More info will be shared further along the recruitment process.

Requirements for the position

Bachelor’s degree and/or professional experience in one of the following fields, sufficient to support a discovery of a range of study and career paths within the field(s):

We are especially looking for candidates with a background in Political Sciences, Law / International Relations, Psychology, Architecture, Software Engineering, Physical Sciences, and applied business areas (i.e. Marketing, HR and Business Development).

Full English proficiency (as our work language is English) and experience or demonstrated affinity working with young people aged 16-17 in a supporting / mentoring role
Flexibility to work as a freelancer, and availability for specific hours (weekdays between 4pm and 7pm CET or Saturdays for student meetings) either online or offline at Engame Headquarters in Budapest.

“Engame is very inspiring for both students and staff members. This is all thanks to the team’s passion for helping our students.”

Peti, Pedagogic Director

Ready to join the team?

Application process:

1. Fill in our application form and upload your CV

2. We’ll send you a questionnaire about your background and experience

3. If needed, attend a short online interview

4. Assessment Centre (online or offline, with individual and group tasks)

5. Onboarding Training for selected candidates (from 15 August onwards)

6. Commence mentoring at Engame from September 2023

What to do if you’re interested:

1. Fill in our contact form.

2. We’ll send you an app form to find out more about your background.

3. If needed, attend a short online interview.

4. Assessment Centre (online or offline, with individual and group tasks).

5. Onboarding Training for selected candidates (from 15 August onwards).

6. Commence mentoring at Engame from September 2024.


Please note that this position is subject to a background check and for Hungarian citizens, a certificate of good conduct will be required.